Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mothers Day Tea

Just had to show you the exquisite Mothers Day Tea my daughter Tammy prepared for me, my Mom and her Mother in Law yesterday.  If you remember last years tea it was a Paris themed tea in her barn at her home and it was over the top beautiful.  Well, since that tea she and her husband have purchased a three story home in our town and they have made it into a Bed and Breakfast.  The name of it is Southard House Bed and Breakfast.  This tea was given at Southard and it was magnificent.

She made these cookies, arent they just the most darling thing.  The theme of this tea was Marie Antoinette "Let them eat cupcakes".

The tablescaped she decorated was over the moon gorgeous!!  This is her dining room in the B&B.
Tammy and I.
Tammy and my Mom!

Is this cupcake table the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?  She made all the cupcakes.  This girl loves to entertain even though it is hard work.
The tablescape again, I just couldnt get enough of it!!
And again.  Hope your Mothers day is beautiful and blessed.

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Tammy is very talented indeed! Her table is stunning and her cupcakes and special little table is gorgeous! Beautiful photos. Happy Mother's Day!

Ann said...

How special is that table. The dining room in the B&B looks gorgeous. I agree the cookies are darling.

Sylvia said...

WOW beautiful. Love the B&b and the cookies and cupcakes are too pretty to eat!

Susan Clayton said...

Just darling! All of it! I'll be featuring a link to your lovely site on my next post for Pink Saturday. Please email me of you have an objection. Thank you!

Roselle said...

So yummy and sweet! You guys are beautiful. Tammy outdoes her self every year! Have a great week my friend!

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Are you and Tammy okay????