Saturday, October 19, 2013


 Okay I can't believe I remembered how to post a blog!!  It's been so long since I have posted, as you can see it was Mothers Day.  I kind of got out of the blogging feeling but I guess with the cooler weather it has put me back in the mood.  Today I am showing some of my fall decorating, still not done but it's a start.
 I decided to go with the muted white and off white/brown theme in my family room and later I will do the more colorful oranges and browns in my dining area.  Right now it is all Halloween!!!!!
 I love fall, as a previous country girl as a child, I am still drawn to the country feeling and love the natural feeling of fall decorating.
 Love this little grouping, my daughter Tammy made the little sachet.
Hope you have a lovely Saturday, think I might grab my  Mom and go do the Pumpkin Patch picture taking day!!  If I remember how I am linking with Pink Saturday!!!


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mothers Day Tea

Just had to show you the exquisite Mothers Day Tea my daughter Tammy prepared for me, my Mom and her Mother in Law yesterday.  If you remember last years tea it was a Paris themed tea in her barn at her home and it was over the top beautiful.  Well, since that tea she and her husband have purchased a three story home in our town and they have made it into a Bed and Breakfast.  The name of it is Southard House Bed and Breakfast.  This tea was given at Southard and it was magnificent.

She made these cookies, arent they just the most darling thing.  The theme of this tea was Marie Antoinette "Let them eat cupcakes".

The tablescaped she decorated was over the moon gorgeous!!  This is her dining room in the B&B.
Tammy and I.
Tammy and my Mom!

Is this cupcake table the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?  She made all the cupcakes.  This girl loves to entertain even though it is hard work.
The tablescape again, I just couldnt get enough of it!!
And again.  Hope your Mothers day is beautiful and blessed.

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Secret Garden Mini Book

I have such fun making new mini scrapbooks, but I think maybe this has been my favorite so far.  I love the springy paper and it went together so easily with all the beautiful embellishments, all I need to do is add my pictures, probably of my yard and flowers over the years.  Thank you to my local scrapbooking store "One Page at a Time" for providing me with such beautiful things to work with.  My friends Gina, Megan, Mel and Kayla are so helpful and I love being in their shop.
All the different spring colors are so yummy and the jewels on the ribbons that were added to the binding are so "blingy".
I love adding these little pockets to make even more space to journal and add pictures, just like it says, a
"secret" garden!!
I add little flowers and bling everywhere possible to give it the Ginger touch!!
Arent these little butterflies so cute?
There are nine pages to this book, I didn't have a pattern for the pages, just made up my own and made a template to use on future pages.  So easy and I love it that you can use the pockets to put all kinds of journaling and pictures or whatever in!
I have recently rearranged my craft studio and now I have stations to do each of my craft loves, one for computer work, one for sewing, and one for crafting.  I am loving it, still need to downsize some of the craft supplies that are out of date, but will get to it sometime later I hope.
Hope you have a beautiful weekend.  Im linking with Pink Saturday.

Friday, March 29, 2013

My Easter Pretties

Today I am showing you some of the cute Easter decorations I have and how I set my Easter table (had several different table settings going until I decided on THE one).

To all my bloggie friends, I have had to put the encryption thing on my comments because there are people putting things on my comment (which I do not appreciate) trying to sell things and also some off color comments which blew my mind!!  I am sorry for this inconvenience, I would rather not have to do this, so if you do not want to go to the trouble to do this, it's ok, I understand!!  I don't know what else to do!

On with the Easter party!!!
I made these sweet name place holders out of office supply clips and punched out the bunnies, the other side has each persons name on it.
This is the first tablescape I had on the table, but with the males in our group, decided it was too girly.
Isn't this the cutest little bunny in the creamer?
So this is the tablescape I am going with.  More springy, even a man would enjoy I think.
I made each person a carrot shaped candy bag, for each place setting.  That was fun!!

I have Easterfied most of my house, so the following pictures are random rooms of my home.
I decorated the frame with the bunny in it and I use it for several holidays, just change the picture.
Love my Easter tree this year, so full of pastels.
Hope you enjoyed my Easter pretties and gave you some inspiration!!  I am linking with Pink Saturday.
Hope you will skip on over and see all the other Easter magic.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Easter Tags

Now that Valentines Day is behind us, I'm moving on to Easter crafts, which is my favorite time of the year, I love all the pastel colors and the bunnies and chicks are so cute.
I have really been enjoying making these cute little Easter tags and embellishing them with the ribbon, beads and little flowers and lace.
This little graphic of Peter Rabbit is probably one of my favorites.

But my all time favorite tag has to be this one above with the two bunnies.
Doesn't the lace and glitter on this one above shout out EASTER!!!
It has been snowy here and have had a couple of days I couldn't get out so making tags was great!
Hope I have inspired you to make some of your own.  I am linking with Pink Saturday. and Show and Tell Friday.


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Shabby Valentines Decor

Today I am showing you my favorite room, my living room where I love to decorate with white.  It makes it even more special when you add some hearts to the mix.  Love this little vignette on my table.  The lamp is setting on my favorite tea books.
I love the "whiteness" of this room, I am in love with the shabby look and Im sure long after it is "out" of fashion I will still be holding onto the look.
I recently made these pillows out of some white cotton I have had for years and love the way they turned out and put a ruffle on the bottom of my love seat to compliment the ruffles on the pillows.
Do you see the little pink angel to the right, my dearest friend in the world gave it to me after she was diagnosed with lung cancer.  I lost my sweet friend last week and the angels she has bought me over the years will forever be precious to me.  She always called me her special angel.  I will miss her so much.
This is in my kitchen, just some more Valentine color to the room.  Hope I can get my blogging power back to normal, I havent felt much like blogging lately, but I know Sharon would have wanted me to go on and do the things I enjoyed before.  Cherish your friends, life is so short!!!  (sorry if Im depressing you!)

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Romance Galore

 I have been decorating for the Valentine season and made this sweet glittery heart to place on the shelf that sits on my newly shabbified hutch!!!  Love it, just so romantic.

I love all the romance that comes with Valentines Day don't you?  It's my chance to really fu-fu if you know what I mean.  I also reset my dining room table back into my beautiful antique rose dishes.
I think my dining room looks like a tea room which is one of my favorite things to do.  Going to a tea room with people I love is so much fun.
I made this sweet little heart hanging last year, but it looks great on my shelf this year.

My Mom, Tammy my daughter and I had a craft day one time and we made these sweet little hangings with the lace around it.  SWEET!!
Hope you have a great week.  I am linking to Pink Saturday!!